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"12. Same-sex marriage became legal in Nevada on October 9, 2014. Watch that 300/day figure start going up! In 2015, for example, gay-owned and -operated Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel is expecting to help at least 1,200 same-sex couples tie the knot."...

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Sara & Jackie of Ohio

We came across this personal story about Sara and Jackie and their special day at our wedding chapel. Here's a small part of the article about their relationship and Ohio's continued battle for marriage equality.

For years, Sara Mahan talked with her longtime partner, Jackie Davison, about getting married.

Earlier this month, the Jackson Township couple visited Las Vegas while Davison attended a work conference. Their friends mentioned at dinner that 25 years ago, they had decided at the last minute that they were going to marry in Las Vegas.

Mahan and Davison knew that the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled in October that Nevada’s ban on gay marriage violated gay couples’ constitutional right to equal protection under the law and ordered Nevada to recognize gay marriages.

The couple made a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Mahan, 53, and Davison, 49, went to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau to fill out the paperwork.

On Nov. 5, a limo picked them up at their hotel and took them to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Davison’s colleagues served as witnesses as Mahan and Davison held hands and exchanged vows.

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Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in Nevada!

Make history with us at The Gay Chapel of Las Vegas!

As the only gay-owned wedding chapel in Las Vegas, we’ve been here to unite and support same-sex couples from the day we opened 16 years ago. Even though we were limited to performing non-legally binding commitment ceremonies for our same-sex guests, we’ve always tried to show the same level of sincerity and respect for every couple’s exchange of vows, legal or not. It’s our policy to make all of our couples feel comfortable, welcomed, and very special on such a monumental occasion. Today, we are proud and honored to be able to legally marry everyone, and on equal terms.

If you’re as thrilled as we are about the legalization of same-sex marriage in Nevada, join us when the time comes to celebrate your marriage. Choose an indoor or outdoor ceremony, and select from our many stunning traditional, Elvis or themed weddings. Of course, now you’ll have to visit the Marriage Bureau beforehand, to get your license! (See our Frequently Asked Questions page for details on how to do this.)

Britney Spears Las Vegas Wedding Adventure...

"Vegas and Weddings: A marriage made in heaven", article by Steve Friess, Special for USA TODAY. Quoted our very own Jamie Richards:

"But the norm is a bit different, several chapel owners say. A wedding like Spears' — she married a childhood friend on the spur of the moment — is unusual. Most involve couples with some romantic relationship and are planned at least a few days or weeks in advance", says Jamie Richards, owner of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

"I hate it when something like (the Spears wedding) happens, because it makes it sound like Vegas weddings are just a dime a dozen," he says. "Yes, they're easy to do, but they're not meaningless. The people who are in this business are still in this business to marry people. It's not a joke." Read the whole article here.

Las Vegas Review Journal - Best Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas 2000

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel winner of Best Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, by the Las Vegas Review Journal 2000.

If history and charm aren't your style, check out the menu of themed weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. The outgoing crew here offers everything from an Elvis "Blue Hawaii" wedding with hula dancers to an intergalactic-themed wedding, to a "Camelot"-type wedding to a gangster wedding. You know, as "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire" showed us, it's high time somebody took the seriousness out of marriage.

Brought to you by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Nevada's largest daily newspaper March, 2000.

Las Vegas Review Journal - Best Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas 2002

Our Pick: Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel winner of Best Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, by the Las Vegas Review Journal 2002.

But if you're into a more funky brand of wedding, may we suggest the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel? Name a theme, and the people here are apt to find some way to pull it off, from “Star Trek” to Hawaiian to full-tilt Vegas, complete with showgirls and Elvis. Marriage may be a serious thing, but who says a wedding has to be?

Brought to you by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Nevada's largest daily newspaper March 17, 2002.

Nevada Magazine - Best Wedding Chapel South

We are featured in the Nevada Magazine 2000, 2001 and 2003 winning their "Blue Ribbon" Award for our wedding chapel three years in a row!

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"Still can't find the answer? You might consider scrapping it all and going to the classic: VivaLasVegasWeddings.com!" — Sabrina Rojas Weiss
Time Mazazine Millennium Edition
E Nevada...

Viva on TV

Whispers...Sharon Osborne Show, Travel Sick on Comedy Central, Extra, The Ultimate Revenge, Dinner and a Movie on TBS and The View.

You may find yourself part of the many television shows which have featured our weddings: NBC Nightly News, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Christopher Lowell Show, Oprah, E Television, The Billboard Awards, VH1, MTV, The Travel Channel, NBC News, A&E, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel (TLC.com), The Fox Millennium Show, Time Magazine Millennium Edition and Katie Couric of The Today Show. Katie was so intrigued by the variety and style of our weddings that she sent a film crew to feature us on her show.

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