Make history with us at The Gay Chapel of Las Vegas!

As the only gay-owned wedding chapel in Las Vegas, we’ve been here to unite and support same-sex couples from the day we opened 16 years ago. Even though we were limited to performing non-legally binding commitment ceremonies for our same-sex guests, we’ve always tried to show the same level of sincerity and respect for every couple’s exchange of vows, legal or not. It’s our policy to make all of our couples feel comfortable, welcomed, and very special on such a monumental occasion. Today, we are proud and honored to be able to legally marry everyone, and on equal terms.

If you’re as thrilled as we are about the legalization of same-sex marriage in Nevada, join us when the time comes to celebrate your marriage. Choose an indoor or outdoor ceremony, and select from our many stunning traditional, Elvis or themed weddings. Of course, now you’ll have to visit the Marriage Bureau beforehand, to get your license! (See our Frequently Asked Questions page for details on how to do this.)

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